JTAPIC Overview

Welcome from the Director

Welcome to the USAMRDC Joint Trauma Analysis and Prevention of Injury in Combat (JTAPIC) website. Thank you for your interest in our organization.

JTAPIC exists to enable the prevention or mitigation of injuries to Service Members in the deployed environment. We achieve this through a multiservice partnership of organizations that combine key subject matter expertise. Through our partners, JTAPIC is able to examine deployed incidents and accidents in the combined context of intelligence, medical, operational, and materiel viewpoints. Our unique structure permits rapid-turnaround analysis, leading to prompt and meaningful improvements in equipment, tactics, techniques, and procedures in theater, as well as substantive feedback to the acquisition process.

Please browse our website for updated news and publications, and general information about JTAPIC and our partners.

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Mission Statement

Inform solutions that prevent or mitigate injury during the full range of military operations, by collaborative collection, integration, analysis, and storage of data from operations, intelligence, materiel, and medical sources.

Vision Statement

Preventing injuries through actionable analysis.

JTAPIC offers a variety of analysis and information through its product library. If after looking through the Product Library you cannot find what you need then you may want to make an Analysis Request from the partnership that may better answer your needs through our request process.