Getting Started

The JTAPIC Information and Collaboration System (JINCS) supports the JTAPIC mission by providing a unified secure information management system that provides a collaborative environment for the collection, integration, analysis, and storage. Users can retrieve this information for the purpose of analyzing and disseminating actionable informed solutions that mitigate or prevent injury through a full range of military operations.

JINCS assists in allowing the JTAPIC Program Management Office (PMO) and the JTAPIC Partnership to function at their highest capacity in producing actionable analyses to aid the Warfighter. The system captures data, tracks requests for information (RFIs) from submission to completion, houses data relevant to the analyses requests, encompass tools to aid the Partnership in being able facilitating their analysis in one place, and unify the current systems to utilize various databases. The system provides customers throughout the Department of Defense (DoD) and JTAPIC partners the ability to retrieve vital analysis and perform vital roles that gives decision-makers the concrete findings they require.

Access to JINCS is available for any user on the Department of Defense (DoD) network. The unclassified system uses Common Access Cards (CACs) to authenticate users. The user of the classified system will need SIPR CACs for authentication.

Obtaining a JINCS account

All of the JTAPIC resources are available once you obtain a JINCS account. Use the appropriate web browser that your CAC works with (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc.) on your system. On the JTAPIC home page in the upper right corner is a link to "JINCS Registration", click on that to get the process started. Also you can click HERE to view a short document on registering your JINCS account (you will need a PDF reader).

Using the JTAPIC Product Library on JINCS

Once you have your JINCS account you can login and access the Product Library. You can login and go directly there by clicking on Product Library. Information on getting started with the Product library can be found on JINCS in the FAQs or in the System Documents section.

How do you submit an Analysis Request on JINCS

Analysis Requests or Requests for Information (RFI) are an avenue for a customer to obtain information on areas relating to preventing or mitigating injuries to the warfighter. These could run the range of combat event injuries to potentially accident causing injuries.

Once you have obtained a JINCS account you can access the system and create a RFI. Also, on the JTAPIC home page in the upper right corner is a link to "Submit Analysis Request", clicking on that link will take you (through JINCS Login) directly to the page for submission. Information on getting started with the RFI process can be found on JINCS in the FAQs or in the System Documents section.

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