Dismounted Incident Analysis Team (DIAT)-MCOE

Dismounted Incident Analysis Team

Dismounted Incident Analysis Team (DIAT)-MCOE

JTAPIC Support

The DIAT-MCOE conducts analysis of U.S. friendly forces operations during dismounted combat incidents to identify gaps and potential improvements in equipment, capabilities, training, doctrine, and Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs):

  • Provides operational data in all attacks against U.S. dismounted warfighters.
  • Populates the dismounted friendly forces portion of the program's combat incident database.
  • Performs and participates in the development of analysis products for the program as required.
  • Provides subject matter expertise as required.


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DIAT was stood up in 2009 to fill a gap in dismounted analysis within the JTAPIC program. In 2008, Directorate of Combat Developments (now Soldier Division) at MCoE contacted JTAPIC for JTAPIC products and analyses to inform Soldier protection requirements. Because initial JTAPIC analysis was vehicle-focused, the products only contained data from mounted events. JTAPIC and MCoE conducted a joint study examining 29 days of OIF data to determine the extent of the gap. The 2008 study revealed that more than half of US casualties were dismounted.

The DIAT works closely with the dismounted analysis team at the National Ground Intelligence Center which investigates attacks against dismounted personnel to determine the enemy weapon system, its employment and the lethal effects.